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I'm Derek. I am a nerd. Principal Program Manager, Azure Core, Global Resiliency. Toots are my opinion and don't represent my company.

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Residents of 21 cities in Utah have access to some of the fastest, most competitively priced broadband in the US, at speeds up to 10gb/s and prices as low as $75/month. It's uncapped, and the connections are symmetrical: perfect for uploading *and* downloading. And it's all thanks to the government.


If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


Two things, 1. this must have been a weird group in MS doing return to office, cause my entire division remains 100% work wherever you want. Second, no shit. is life

Dear Dell. You can fuck right off. you’ve lost me as a customer and I’ll advise anyone that asks to not do business with a company that hates its employees

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I’ve always been grossed out by sugar free or diet sodas. I tried the new cokezero on a dare. It is the closest thing to a real soda I’ve tasted. So, good job!

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Nextcloud Talk received so many new features in Hub 8!

💫 Chat federation
✏️ Message editing
📝 In-chat collaborative file editing
📊 In-call Polls integration
... and more!

All new features in Talk:

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For those who celebrate.

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Yes, you can still buy 4K TV's that are not "Smart" (surveillance). They're called "commercial displays" and as a bonus, they're more durable, too.

Prices start at $550 US for a 55-inch Samsung model.

Maybe if I wasn’t so scared my kids would get killed by a shooter every day, we could actually ban phones in schools. As it stands, I need a direct line to my kid. Fix the bigger issue first.

Heartbreaking … Social Media Has Overwhelmed America’s Main Nonprofit Fighting Child Exploitation

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That’s shocking!

I’ve had my new M1 Pro Max Studio now for about a month. Bought it for a song cause it’s “so old…” holy crap yall, the difference between M1 and M3 on the studio is so small compared to the Intel to M1, I feel like I hit the freaking jackpot.

So many memories of rocking with Winamp and wild ass freewheeling music downloads from … places.

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So, kids, what's the moral of the XZ story?

If you're going to backdoor something, make sure that your changes don't impact its performance. Nobody cares about security - but if your backdoor makes the thing half a second slower, some nerd is going to dig it up.