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I'm Derek. I am a nerd. Principal Program Manager, Azure Core, Global Resiliency. Toots are my opinion and don't represent my company.

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@9to5Mac Any good tech to help detect them (other than a magnifying glass). Some sort of signal scanner?

Yall! Ghost is !!!!!

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@petergleick nevermind - i see it now - zoiks!

@petergleick Just looking at the pic doesn't look like a failure yet but a lack of height and width - or has it now been overtopped and just not represented by photo yet?

@samlitzinger should be THOUSANDS of lawsuits all filed against the state.

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This happened in my model Y three weeks ago. I always have a glass break/seat belt knife dongle that is always with me just in case. And my kids all know how to pop the emergency latch. It’s a great car, but this is an absurd design defect.


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@slashdot Texas C!

Had a great call with my lawyer about this today actually. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Chevy Bolt, but they did wrong here and should be held accountable.

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A new anothology about the extreme dangers of staying on our current trajectory — global warming of 3 degrees or more. The book includes an important chapter from Mastodon's Stefan Rahmstorf (@rahmstorf).

Best of all it's free to read!

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@pbump Also, polling is generally garbage w.r.t. presidential contests

@QasimRashid Shameful, but some additional context on the second part. That $50M went into a fund that was hardly accessible to the public. There was a long form article about 10 years ago that described it juxtaposed to the Deep Water Horizon fund that’s worth a read. Sorry, I know that’s not the point of your post, just found the second bits of interest too.

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T-Mobile was once an entertaining semi-upstart in U.S. mobile phone service, but it became a sleazy operation. Customers who believed a promise about a lifetime price are the latest victims of a cartel that couldn't care less about them.

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I'm sad to report the death of Ed Stone, the NASA scientist who was the heart & soul of the Voyager program. Spending time with him for my Discover magazine profile was a highlight of my career.

I did my best to capture the experience:

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T-Mobile users thought they had a lifetime price lock—guess what happened next

"T-Mobile will never change the price you pay," the carrier told users in 2017.

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Keep up with the latest news and analysis about the fediverse and decentralized social media services, including Mastodon, PixelFed, PeerTube, Threads and more. Follow these Magazines to see posts about these topics in your Home feed.

Across the Fediverse by WeDistribute

Following the Fediverse by Flipboard CEO, Mike McCue

The Fediverse curated by the editors at Flipboard

The Fediverse vs. Corporate Social Media curated by Reuben Walker

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Apple hasn’t answered the most important question about its AI features

Posted into Computing: News, Reviews, and Everything Else! @computing-news-reviews-and-everything-else-DigitalTrends

Private citizen found guilty of lying about a drug addiction to buy a gun. Sounds like he should be punished. Oh, it’s the President’s son? Sounds like he should be punished. This isn’t hard.

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Did you love NOVA on PBS when you were kid?
Now's a great time to tune in again—EFF joins the program to discuss "Secrets in Your Data"