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Welcome to, by The Doodle Project, LLC. The purpose of this system is to provide single user (or a few!) instance domain hosting for individuals and companies using shared infrastructure for a low monthly price. We also have open registration enabled for anyone who would like to register with the base '' domain and does not come with a cost. is well integrated with the fediverse and you will find a great community of likeminded individuals in the local feed with strict moderation enforced (see Server Rules).

Come, be yourself on! After signing up, if you need help setting up your client or learning how to get started, just email us at and we'll be delighted to help you get started and answer questions you may have.

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What’s to investigate? Idiots being idiots run by idiots governed by idiots. Film at 11


God be with the internet this evening if Travis proposes to Tay Tay

@dansup did the new parental controls ship into the dev branch as yet?

Hi friends! If you know someone in a non-profit, parent teacher org, church group, or other charitable organization, my little company just entered the online auctions space to help these great organizations keep more of their money by providing a great platform at a substantially lower cost. Would love a shout out and pointing folks at - boosts appreciated!

I get more done in the 3 hours a day of not sitting in traffic than most do in a full day. is better. Better for me. Better for my colleagues. Better for my programs. Better for my company.

Seeing 23andMe Implode is a particular joy. Not for the people that are losing their jobs, that sucks for anyone, but this company profits off the actual most sensitive data a human could ever hold. It should not exist and no other company like it should be allowed to exist.