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I'm Derek. I am a nerd. Principal Program Manager, Azure Core, Global Resiliency. Toots are my opinion and don't represent my company.

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Upgrade your systems now!

The xz package has been backdoored

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Backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to ssh server compromise

Hello friends of and - please note that is down for maintenance and will be back shortly!

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TikTok hysteria notwithstanding, the heads of the CIA, FBI and Intel community are careful to note that any threat to national security is purely hypothetical.

There's no evidence that TikTok has ever coordinated with the Chinese government.

Pass the meatballs! Welcome to

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ℹ️ Note: Facebook, Instagram, Threads and Messenger are currently experiencing outages related to login sessions in multiple countries; incident not related to country-level internet disruptions or filtering

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It’s the software, not the hardware keeping these things back, These new Android phones look like total iPhone killers - T3

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Just a reminder that Tim Mak ( @timkmak) is doing better reporting on Ukraine than... Well, anyone. This one's public and worth a read.

What’s to investigate? Idiots being idiots run by idiots governed by idiots. Film at 11

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Hey, Fedi admins, go right now and check to make sure that you have caps/limits set on your Object Storage provider so they just stop serving you images instead of charging you $3,000 because some random person in Europe decided to scrape your instance.


This is a really tragic tale (I hope they can get the charge reversed) but right at this moment I want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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Apple trying to break the Open Web by removing PWA functionality from iphone

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What is your preferred virtualization platform now that esxi is no longer an option?

Options: (choose one)

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Lawrence Lessig has a message for America:

Donald Trump’s assault on democracy in 2020, with his stolen-election lie and refusal to concede the White House, may have been shocking, but wait till you see what’s coming next.

“We are in a profoundly dangerous moment,” the Harvard law professor says. “This is a catastrophic year, and the odds are not in our favor.”

Such a blunt warning carries the gravitas of its source. Lessig is a leading thinker on how public institutions can be corrupted, and has probed deeply into vulnerabilities that leave US democracy undefended against authoritarian attack.

Lessig has teamed up with Matthew Seligman of the constitutional law center at Stanford. Their new book, 🔸How to Steal a Presidential Election, 🔸asks whether a second Trump attempt to subvert democracy could succeed.
Their answer makes for uncomfortable reading.

“We are convinced,” they write, “that an informed and intelligent effort to undermine the results of a close, free and fair election could work in America – if the rules governing our presidential elections are not changed.”

It is a sign of troubled times that prominent scholars are wargaming the next election.

Nor is this Lessig’s first such thought experiment.
Four years ago, months before Trump launched his stolen-election conspiracy, Lessig and Seligman devised a class at Harvard law school:
Wargaming 2020.

They looked at whether it would be possible to hack the presidential election and send the losing candidate to the White House.
Their conclusion was that American democracy had dodged a bullet.

“We discovered that Trump didn’t really understand what he could have done,” Lessig says.
“There were obvious moves he and his team could have made, but they didn’t take them.”

The insurrection on 6 January 2021 was tragic in its loss of life, but as a method of overturning the election it was the “dumbest thing they could have possibly done. No court would ever allow the election to be decided by force of bayonets.”

Having repeated the wargaming exercise for the new book, Lessig is far less confident that another assault on democracy would end so positively.

With the former president almost certain to secure the Republican nomination, having won in Iowa and New Hampshire, Lessig has no doubt about how far Trump is prepared to go.
“We’ve seen that he’s willing to do much, more more than we expected back in 2020,” he says.

Another reason for people to be “very anxious” is that Trump and his inner circle have had four years to conduct their own wargames and are likely to be far more sophisticated:
“Trump didn’t understand how to undo the structures of government. Now he’s well-trained, he knows exactly what he needs to do.”

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Pixelfed Urges Admins to Update After 9.9/10 CVE Reveal , ,

God be with the internet this evening if Travis proposes to Tay Tay

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🇩🇪 has its own Mastodon server for its federal and state government accounts.

We know these are official as their server is on the German domain.

(Most are in German)

➡️ @Bundesregierung - The German Government

➡️ @hib_Nachrichten - Today in the Bundestag

➡️ @bmi - Federal Ministry of the Interior

➡️ @AuswaertigesAmt - Federal Foreign Office

➡️ @GermanyUN - Germany in the United Nations

➡️ @GERonCyber - Federal Foreign Office Cyber Ambassador

🧵 1/13

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@dansup did the new parental controls ship into the dev branch as yet?

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Got to give a speech today - normal for me, but the audience... high schoolers! It went...fine. lol

Hi friends! If you know someone in a non-profit, parent teacher org, church group, or other charitable organization, my little company just entered the online auctions space to help these great organizations keep more of their money by providing a great platform at a substantially lower cost. Would love a shout out and pointing folks at - boosts appreciated!

I get more done in the 3 hours a day of not sitting in traffic than most do in a full day. is better. Better for me. Better for my colleagues. Better for my programs. Better for my company.

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This boy will do ANYTHING to do something different. This is him reading a book.